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Fusion Risk Management Implementation

What We Do

Fusion Risk Management system Implementation

Our team of expert implementation consultants will support you through the entire journey of implementing the **Fusion Risk Management platform** and beyond. This covers a wide range of services.

At our core, we specialize in seamlessly implementing the Fusion Risk Management platform, offering comprehensive support throughout the journey. Our team of expert consultants provides you with the following array of services:

Business Continuity Consultation

How We Help

Here are just a few of the great benefits you can reap through Fusion Risk Management Implementation:

Resilience Framework Alignment

We will align the resilience framework with your company’s unique structure, ensuring a tailored fit.

License Procurement

Our experts will assist you in selecting and procuring the precise number of licenses required for your specific needs.

Custom Module Development

We’ll customize essential modules within the system, including but not limited to Processes, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk Management, Incident Management, Issue Management, Document Control, and Approval processes, to enhance your operational efficiency.

Data Migration

Seamlessly modify and transfer your existing data into the system.

Access Management & Privilege Configuration

We will configure access management and privilege settings to safeguard your data and streamline user experiences.

Integration with Emergency Notification Systems

Enhance your system’s capabilities by integrating it with Emergency Notification Systems for rapid response and enhanced crisis management.

Report and Dashboard Development

Our experts will create and customize reports and dashboards to provide insights and a real-time overview of your resilience status.

Resilience KPI Selection

We’ll assist you in selecting the most pertinent Resilience Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop a Resilience Maturity Rating matrix to measure and improve your resilience capabilities.

Workflow Automation

We will support automating approvals, reminders, and notifications according to your requirements.  

Document Control Automation

We will customize the document control module to ensure the process is automated according to your requirements.

User Manuals

For future reference and user convenience, we will develop a comprehensive user manual to ensure the effective use of the Fusion Risk Management system.

Training Services

Our training programs cater to licensed users, empowering your team with the knowledge and skills required for proficient system operation.

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Resilex Consultancy is an independent system implementation company. Resilex wishes to clarify that it has no affiliation, authorization, or endorsement from any specific risk management system developers, including Fusion Risk Management Systems.

The services mentioned on Resilex’s website and provided by Resilex are solely based on Resilex’s autonomous expertise and experience with the Fusion Risk Management system.

The contracts between Resilex and prospective clients are separate and distinct from any existing or potential relationship they may have with Fusion Risk Management or any other similar risk management systems vendors.

While Resilex may offer its clients advice on risk management system license procurement, it is essential to understand that the contractual agreement for license procurement will be established directly between the prospective client and the respective vendors. Resilex Consultancy accepts no liability, legal or otherwise, for any issues or consequences that may arise from the use of any risk management system or from any interactions between the client and the vendor.

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Resilex Consultancy does not present itself as a legal representative or as associated with any particular risk management system vendor. Clients are advised to review their contracts and agreements independently and seek legal counsel as appropriate.